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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Maryland State Police - "Defending the Nation" - *USA Commonwealth Public Estate Interests USA* - Carroll Annapolis Maryland Trust - FBI Organized Crime * US National Security Case

The Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley named Chief Terrence B. Sheridan as the new Superintendent of the Maryland State Police. The Maryland State Police together with the Virginia State Police the West Virginia State Police the Massachusetts State Police and the Minnesota State Patrol are the few Police Agencies to wear a badge directly over their shirt pocket. Maryland troopers are currently issued the Beretta PX4 Storm chambered in 40 S&W and some are issued a Remington 870. Certain troopers based on experience are issued the following specialized weapons Colt M16-A1 and the Colt AR-15.

Forty-two state troopers have been killed in the line of duty in the history of the force.

The Maryland State Police is the official police force of the State of Maryland. The Maryland State Police is headquartered at 1201 Reisterstown Road in the Pikesville CDP in unincorporated Baltimore County.

Maryland State Police - "Ears to the Ground" - White House West Wing Communications Team * Commonwealth Public Estate Interests - Carroll Annapolis Maryland Trust - FBI Organized Crime * US National Security Case

President Barack Obama the 44th President of the United States of America has recently enacted major new banking regulations and tax evasion legislation which has been past through Congress on Capitol Hill which will now strengthen the social and economic fabric of the western democratic capitalist systems which to date have been inflicting substantial hardship on law abiding citizens of the United States of America and the United Kingdom. The Carroll Trust National Security Public Interests Case is the = FLAG SHIP ROUTE MAP = to a more socially responsible society.

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There is a complete - LOCKDOWN - of the Carroll Foundation Maryland Trust $ (one billion dollars) organised crime case at the FBI Washington DC field office "in concert" with the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Scotland Yard within a "cross-border" international crime case.

NSA Carroll County FBI Gerald Carroll National Security Case:
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The US Congress Senate Oversight Committee responsible for the nations security and financial well being are understood to be also taking a close interest following recent announcements by close aides to President Obama concerning the new pivotal offshore tax evasion and banking legislation which is thought in Washington to be a = critical further lever of strategic control = for the US Justice Department and the FBI in the concrete fight back against white collar organized crime tax fraud and terror funding related activities which have seriously undermined the much sought after economic recovery for America's main street who have suffered greatly at the hands of the financial sector.

Maryland State Police - GHOST*PROTOCOL * US MARSHALS - Lord Marshal of Leinster * Lord O'Carroll of Ely - COMMON LAW * ORDER - Carroll Annapolis Maryland Trust - FBI Organized Crime * US National Security Case

The Carroll of Ely principality in the centre of Ireland in King's County was situated in the ancient province of Munster on the borders of Queen's County and the Lord Marshal of Leinster Estates. The Lord Marshal and Carroll of Ely = FIXED PLACE LINE = known as = THE PALE = documented in 1206 which defined the strategic valley southern border boundary between Celtic Ireland and the Anglo-Norman Settlements within the province of Leinster in Ireland.

The Annals of the Four Masters state that the Carrolls of Ely had close family links with the Marshal family and with the English Plantagent Realm together with Robert and Edward Bruce of Scotland. Isabella Marshal heiress of the great Marshal Irish Estates born 9th October 1200 "folklore mystery surrounds Donoch O'Carroll of Ely and Isabella Marshal whose grandmother was descended from the Prince's of Ireland Carrolls of Ely. The Temple Church London is the final resting place of Lord Marshal of Leinster Earl of Pembroke and his first born son William. Richard Marshal 3rd Earl of Pembroke lost his life in Ireland in a fierce battle along side Teige O'Carroll of Ely.

During the civil wars in Ireland William Marshal Lord of Leinster had taken two manors that the Bishop of Ferns claimed but could not get back some years after William's death the bishop is said to have laid a curse on the family that William's sons would have no children and the great Marshal estates would be scattered each of Lord William Marshal's sons did become the Earl's of Pembroke and Marshal's of England but each died without issue. Henry III King of England attended a Temple Church London service to pray for the life of William Marshal the greatest Knight that ever lived.

Leap Castle was a stronghold of the O'Carroll family powerful Irish Princes protecting the strategic southern border between the Celtic Irish War Lords and the Anglo Norman Settlements. The "Bloody Chapel" in Leap Castle is known as a source of violent evil that continues to nurture the spirit of the elemental who is believed to be the returning Carroll from Richard I Coeur de Lion's third Crusade to the holy land in 1190 and the Bishop of Ferns fury. A hidden ubliet (a dungeon) is located in the "Bloody Chapel" a small room with a drop floor prisoners would be pushed into the room to fall through the floor and land on a spike eight feet below and suffer unimaginable pain and misery until their death.

The Shrine of the Book of Dimma with the inscription that translates "Teige O'Carroll King of Eile had me gilt"

Lorcán Ua Tuathail (Saint Laurence O'Toole 1128-1180)

Archbishop of Canterbury Stephen Langton 1150-1228 (Kindred Spirit of William Marshal)

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